CIHR-funded research examining home care clients pathways seeking applications for Postdoctoral positions

The How Approaches to Care Shape the Pathways of Older Adult Home Care Clients research project is seeking applications for postdoctoral positions available during 2021-2023. The purpose of research project is to understand how policy, practice and decision-making shape a client’s journey through the home care system. Apply now! More information HERE.

CIHR Summer Program in Aging (SPA) 2021

CIHR Summer Program in Aging (SPA) 2021– apply by February 25 – now on ResearchNet The CIHR Institute of Aging has partnered with the McMaster Institute for Research on Aging (MIRA) to host an interactive training event: Longitudinal Studies on Aging: Understanding Health Span and Longevity. This year’s CIHR-IA Summer Program in Aging (SPA) will … Continue reading CIHR Summer Program in Aging (SPA) 2021