Spring 2019 – 2 Upcoming Conference Presentations

In April 2019, Dr. Zimmer will be traveling to Austin, TX for the Annual Meeting of the Population Association of America. He will be presenting the poster, “The Rise and Prominence of Skip-Generation Households in Low- and Middle-Income Countries.

 In May 2019, he will present the paper entitled, “Socio-Demographic Correlates of Life Expected in Degrees of Frailty” at the REVES conference in Barcelona, Spain.

New article using data from Taiwan on religious activity and mortality

The Linking Spirituality and Religiosity to Life and Health Expectancy team published an article that examines the extent to which religious activity distinguishes the mortality experiences of older adults living in Taiwan.  Check out the article here:  Does Religious Activity Distinguish the Mortality Experiences of Older Taiwanese? An Analysis Using Eighteen Years of Follow-Up Data

Presentation at the Aging Studies Institute, Syracuse University

On Monday, November 12th, Dr. Zimmer will present at the “Aging Families in China: Social, Demographic, and Policy Considerations” conference hosted by the Aging Studies Institute at Syracuse University. He will present on “A Dynamic Study of Disability and Life Expected in Living Arrangement States among Older Chinese Using Sixteen Years of Longitudinal Data.”

New article in Asian Population Studies

In September, Dr. Zimmer’s paper entitled, “Migration and left-behind parents and children of migrants in Cambodia: a look at household composition and the economic situation,” was published in Asian Population Studies. The paper was co-authored by M. Van Natta, a doctoral candidate at UCSF.

Zimmer and Van Natta_Fig2
Figure 2. Probability of household being in the lowest wealth quintile by type of left-behind migrant’s parent households, with and without left-behind children. Calculated from a model that interacts type of left-behind parent of migrant and left-behind children of migrant without covariates.