Presentation at Academia Sinica by Dr. Chi-Tsun Chiu

Dr. Chi-Tsun Chiu, a collaborator on the Linking Spirituality and Religiosity to Life and Health Expectancy project, presented a paper entitled, “How do Multiple Dimensions of Religiosity Associate with Total and Disability-Free Life Expectancy among Older Adults in Taiwan?” at the Institute of Statistical Science at Academia Sinica on December 11, 2017.

Workshop presentation on pain prevalence

Dr. Zimmer attended a workshop sponsored by the ADDAPT working group (Addressing Disparities in the Distribution and Assessment of Pain and Its Treatments) of ACTTION on December 7-8 in Potomac, Maryland. The workshop was entitled “Pain, Pain Treatment, and Inequality: High-Priority Findings and Gaps in Pain Disparities Research”. At the workshop, Dr. Zimmer presented research conducted in collaboration with Dr. Anna Zajacova of Western University – “A Comparative Look at Pain Prevalence – Europe and Canada”.

Presentations at IUSSP’S International Population Conference in Cape Town

IUSSP 2017 English NEW

Two papers were presented at the International Union for the Scientific Study of Population’s 2017 International Population Conference in Cape Town, South Africa that took place Oct. 29 – Nov. 4, 2017 as part of the Linking Spirituality and Religiosity to Life and Health Expectancy project.

Zachary Zimmer also chaired the “Demography of Ageing: Family dynamics and quality of life” discussion on Thursday, November 2, 2017 during the 3:30-5:00PM Session in meeting room 1.41-1.42.


Team Meeting held September 11-13

The second research team meeting for the Linking Spiritually and Religiosity to Life and Health Expectancy project was held earlier this month at Mount Saint Vincent University. International collaborators traveled from Taiwan, Japan, the US, and the UK to kick-off the third and final year of the project. A new postdoctoral scholar from the University of Winnipeg also attended the meeting and will be joining the GACI later this fall. At the meeting, the research team set goals for the third year of the project, conducted statistical analyses, and worked on writing and editing several manuscripts.