Surviving War: Biomarkers Reveal Effects on the Body and Mind

"How Does Surviving War Age the Body and Mind? An Analysis of Subjective Age in Vietnam." This presentation was recently given to the National Institutes of Health sponsored Biomarker meetings by GACI affiliate Kim Korinek, Director, Asia Center, Asian Studies Program & Professor, Sociology Department, University of Utah.

Anna Zajacova

Anna Zajacova is Associate Professor of Sociology at University of Western Ontario. She is collaborating with the GACI to examine trends and disparities in chronic pain in Canadian and American adults.  Anna completed her PhD in Sociology and Demography at Princeton University and postdoctoral training in social epidemiology at University of Michigan. She studies social determinants … Continue reading Anna Zajacova

Protocol for the Vietnam Health and Aging Study is now published

“Design and measurement in a study of war exposure, health, and aging: protocol for the Vietnam health and aging study,” by Kim Korinek, Bussarawan Teerawichitchainan, Zachary Zimmer, Eleanor Brindle, Thi Kim Chuc Nguyen, Huu Minh Nguyen & Khanh Toan Tran was published on October 23, 2019 in the BMC Public Health, 19, Article number: 1351 … Continue reading Protocol for the Vietnam Health and Aging Study is now published

Presentation at the “Frontiers on Aging and Health Research” Workshop

Dr. Zimmer traveled to Xi'an, China in September 2019 to present at the Workshop on "Frontiers on Aging and Health Research" and the "Population and Development Policy" Lecture Series . He presented research conducted in collaboration with Dr. Chi-Tsun Chiu on "Living Arrangement Trends among China's Oldest and Extreme Old".