ZZimmer  Project Leader: Zachary Zimmer

Zachary Zimmer, Professor of Family Studies and Gerontology at Mount Saint Vincent University, is the Project Leader. He has familiarity and has published with many of the datasets to be used for this project. Together with colleagues, Zimmer recently published an article in the European Journal of Ageing on public versus private religious expression and disability-free life expectancy in Taiwan.

saito  Project Co-Leader:
Yasuhiko Saito

Yasuhiko Saito is Project Co-Leader. Dr. Saito leads the Asian wing of REVES. He has published extensively on methods and techniques for estimating healthy life expectancy. He is involved in a multitude of research projects that examine issues of health and aging internationally, including projects taking place in Singapore and India that are part of the current proposal.

jagger  Co-Investigator: Carol Jagger

Carol Jagger, AXA Professor of Epidemiology of Ageing at Newcastle University is a Co-Investigator. Dr. Jagger is the leading UK researcher in health expectancy and highly recognized internationally. She has conducted aging research on most of the longitudinal cohorts in Britain and the cross-European studies. She has published in the world’s leading academic journals including an important study on healthy life years across Europe in The Lancet. She is also at the forefront of developing and teaching methods for estimating health expectancy.

ofstedal_marybeth_150  Co-Investigator: Mary Beth Ofstedal

Mary Beth Ofstedal has over 25 years of experience in comparative aging research and extensive knowledge of the Health and Retirement Study (HRS) and its international sister studies. Much of her research has focused on the interrelationships between health, socioeconomic status and social support in the U.S. and Asia. As Associate Director and Co-Investigator for the Health and Retirement Study (HRS), she has been closely involved in the study design and questionnaire development for that study, as well as a number of the international studies that we propose to use in this project.

chiu_c  Co-Investigator:
Chi-Tsun Chiu

Chi-Tsun Chiu is well versed in statistical methods including survival analysis, Bayesian methods and simulation, and studies methodological issues on health expectancy. Dr Chiu is currently responsible for maintaining and updating SPACE (Stochastic Population Analysis for Complex Events) – a recently developed algorithm of estimating incidence-based multi-state life tables and sampling variability of multi-state life table functions. This software program will be used by this project.