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Dr. Zimmer leads workshop at Duke-NUS Medical School in Singapore

On August 6, 2018, Dr. Zimmer led a  workshop entitled “Introduction to Using Multilevel Models for Contextual Cross-Sectional Research” at the Centre for Ageing Research and Education (CARE) Duke-NUS Medical School Singapore. This workshop provided introductory instructions on running multilevel models in Stata and interpreting their results.

Aug 6_CARE workshop


Disability-Free Life Expectancy Calculator now live!

After much anticipation, the research team of the Linking Spirituality and Religiosity to Life and Health Expectancy: A Global Comparative Study has launched the Disability-Free Life Expectancy Calculator. The DFLE Calculator is based on results obtained from an analysis of data from the Health and Retirement Study conducted in the United States. Try it out now by clicking here.

REVES@30 Poster

The team behind the Linking Spirituality and Religiosity to Life and Health Expectancy project presented their poster at REVES@30 in Ann Arbor Michigan on May 30, 2018 at the University of Michigan Museum of Art. Click here to access a digital copy of the poster, “To what degree do religiosity and spirituality explain healthy life expectancy gaps across Europe?”. The team also held their final team meeting in Ann Arbor following the REVES conference.

REVES@30_team poster
The project team (left to right), Dr. Chi-Tsun Chiu, Dr. Carol Jagger, Dr. Yasuhiko Satio, Dr. Zachary Zimmer, and Dr. Mary Beth Ofstedal.

Presentations at the Population Association of America (PAA) Annual Meeting

Dr. Zimmer recently presented the paper, “Does religious activity distinguish the mortality experiences of older Taiwanese?  An analysis using nineteen-years of follow-up data” at the 2018 PAA Annual Meeting in Denver, CO. Dr. Saito also presented the poster, “Life Expectancy and Active Life Expectancy by religious group in Kerala, India“. These presentations are part of the Linking Spirituality and Religiosity to Life and Health Expectancy project and use data from the 1989 Survey of Health and Living Status of the Elderly in Taiwan and the Kerala Aging Survey (KAS).

Dr. Anna Zajacova, Western University, also presented the paper, “The Rising Pain Prevalence Among Midlife Americans: How Steep, for Whom, and Why?”. Dr. Zimmer is a co-author on this paper.


Dr. Zimmer and team begin data collection in Vietnam

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The study of the long-term impact of war on aging in Vietnam is now underway and began collecting preliminary data in February. The team returned to Vietnam in early May to collect biomarker data and conduct interviews. We look forward to what the results of this data collection will bring.

Thank you to Kim Korinek for the photos.